Блогът на Fonmoney Всичко, което трябва да знаете за международните парични трансфери и зареждане на ваучери.

Send money to Cuba: Fonmoney makes it easy for you!

Our Customers have been asking us for a service to send money to Cuba as reliable and secure as our Cubacel Top-ups, and we can finally offer it to you.

With Fonmoney you have the possibility of sending money remittances to Cuba from Europe to your relatives in two different ways:

1 Recharge an AIS debit card: AIS cards are a known and accepted payment method in Cuba. With Fonmoney you can recharge an AIS card for your Family within 24 hours or create a new one for free.

2 Send money to be picked up in cash: another way to send money to Cuba with Fonmoney is to transfer money to a Cuban bank. The recipient can pick up the money at a bank location of your choice without owning a bank account. He just needs to identify himself with an ID.
If you send money to a bank in Havana the money is ready to be picked up after two hours. Any other bank in Cuba will provide the money within three business days.


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The uncomplicated way to send money to Cuba is Fonmoney!


Register on our website for free, choose between the two methods of sending money and fill in recipient information and the amount you want to send. After successfully going through the payment process we will take good care of your transaction.


If you have any questions about money transfer to Cuba visit our website with frequently asked questions or contact us directly on [email protected].